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Welcome to our e-learning platform for language training.

From here you can access the whole catalogue of our products and services for language learning.
After having enrolled you can gain access to more than 2000 hours of learning.

To get an idea of the quality of our courses, login as guest and access our demo.
If you want to improve the knowledge of the language of your choice, enroll now and access your course.

Before you choose your course, assess your level according to the scale of reference of the 'European Frame for Languages' approved by the Council of Europe.
After you have registered you will be able to access the support area and ask to be contacted by us in case you need help

If you are not satisfied with the level chosen, we will assign you to a new course without any additional cost*.
If you are non satisfied with our product, remember you can get a full refund *.
Further questions? Consult our pedagogical, technical and commercial FAQs.

Point at the highest level of security for your online payments.

And for the protection of your personal data**.

*Only if you have not done more than 15 learning units and if you unsubscribe within 10 days from the date of your payment.

**All information gathered on Capturator's site are transferred on secure and crypted connections.

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